Thursday, April 7, 2016

How to hem your pants

In the answer to the question “How to hem pants?” many people have given the solutions but those are too much lengthy and takes a lot of time. It is a fact that short men need their pants to be tailored in order to have a great fit with them. That’s why hemming is needed and if you don’t have any access to any tailor or a sewing machine, no need to worry about. Here is a simple way about how to hem pants without a sewing machine.
I’m here to guide you how to hem your pants in very simple steps.
My mother actually taught me this way of hemming pants, in the case when you have no sewing machine. It’s pretty easy and you can also do it at your home.
There is a term named as “Blind Stitch” which is basically applied to “Dress Pants”.
Things that you need for this hemming your pants:
  • Iron
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing needle
First of all you need to fold your pants leg, twice, inside to see how much extra from it could be trimmed. To do this you will have to put on your pant and then fold it inwardly from the bottom and take a view of it in the mirror or ask someone else that,” is that well fitted now? “.
After you are satisfied with the length of the pants, use the pins to hold the folds in place and take the pants off.
Now, in the next step after the pant has taken off, turn the pants inside out and iron the fold to give it a sharp line which will further be helpful in cutting. After ironing, take out the pins and unfold the folds.
Trim half centimeter from the bottom end so that it makes a fine crease, in view of the fact that the detachment between the two creases was around two inches. Iron it a half centimeter if you think that there is an unequal length.
Having two inches distance between creases allows you to make your pants a bit longer again in future if needed.
Now, by folding back the pants leg with a quarter inch crease inserted below, you are ready for stitching!
Stitching a hem without a sewing machine is not as easy as we think and it is time taking also. For stitching, you need a thread whose color should match the color of your pant and cut about 24 inches long of it. Tie the both ends of the thread with each other by a knot so that it holds tightly with the cloth.
Next to that, start working on the “cuff” by making a looping motion by a thread from just two or three threads outside. This is done so to minimize the view of the thread when it is seen from outside.
Once you have completed a whole round doing looping motion of thread you need to tie a knot again to prevent it from slipping out of the fabric.
Now, repeat the same process for another leg of the pants and hence, your pants are now hemmed and ready for you to wear.
So, there is a simple and easy answer to the question that how to hem pants.

How to hem pants step by step

Hemming pants is a serious issue when it comes to the situation where one likes pants but he/she doesn’t fit perfectly into it. People are found asking about how to hem pants. Hemming is a technique which can be used to fulfill the needs of wearing the favorite pants. If you are getting late for a party and you like to wear hot pants, which is of large size, then you need to hem that pant perfectly in no time. Or if you are in your home and for the sake of doing casual dressing, you need to hem your elder brother’s used pants in a professional way. Here we will discuss the process of hemming of pants in less time of few minutes. No doubt, there are many other methods to hem pants but they are very time-consuming but the method, which we will discuss today, will be quite handy for your daily life. All you need to do is to read the whole article with full concentration.
Measuring Length and Marking the Point:
The first thing you need to do is to bring the inner side of pants out and measure the length of your pants. Make a mark by a chalk on the point from where you want to trim your pants. Always use chalk or removable markers for marking purpose because this will keep your pant away from permanent ink spots.
Create Hemline:
Make hemline crease by using needles/pins and iron. By folding pants cuffs, penetrate needles to hold the position of the folding and with the help of an iron, make a hemline crease.
Recommended Cutting Tools:
When a hemline is created, cut the pant about one and a half inches from the bottom with the help of pinking shears. Don’t use the ordinary scissors which are usually used for the cutting of fabrics. Do the same process with both the sides of pants.
Fabric Tape:
Now, unfold the cuffs to place the Fabric Tape between the folding. The fabric tape is the tap used to fix the two layers of the fabric. Here we could also use a sewing machine but, just for the sake of convenience and save our time, we are using fabric tapes, also known as fusible tape. Fabric tape is easily available in the market in the form of wide stripes.
Fabric tape’s Function and Working:
Actually, this tape contains a glue which only works and perform its function when it comes contact with the heat. This heat is provided by the iron which was previously used for making and sharpening of the hemline crease. It works when we place it between two layers of fabric, which are to be attached, and iron it which actually provide heat to the tape and it gets stick to it.
Do the same with the other leg of the pants. It’s how you can easily hem your pants in no time.